This technology emerged from the need for nano-scale conductive fibers. Initial discussions with my colleague, Dr. Ramazan Asmatulu, focused on the feasibility of using the electrospinning process. However, upon learning that the process wouldn't yield desired results, I embarked on a quest for an alternative solution. Extensive research and experimentation led to a breakthrough. Armed with this innovative approach, I returned to Dr. Asmatulu to secure a grant for further development.

With support from a KITE grant by the Kansas Department of Commerce, we successfully developed an advanced ultrasonic array that revolutionizes the control of electrospun fibers during production. This cutting-edge hardware reduces production times and enables the creation of novel materials for diverse applications. Precise manipulation and guidance of electrospun fibers mid-stream foster innovation and accelerate advanced solutions in various industries.

Aperture Fibers was established to bridge the gap between lab-developed technology and commercial markets. Our mission is to bring the advancements in controlling electrospun fibers to various industries. Leveraging expertise and industry partnerships, we aim to commercialize this transformative technology, making it accessible and impactful in real-world applications. Aperture Fibers is committed to driving innovation, delivering practical solutions, and shaping the future of advanced materials in the global market.